Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Goals Progress


I had some summer goals. I had all the intention in the world of getting them done.

Then I started this. (Go huskies!)

And then I spent my life (or at least summer) in the library.

So this is a progress report on my summer goals, most of which haven't even been thought about it. If it is the thought that counts, then I fail there too.

Summer Goals (in no particular order)

1. Take nightly walks.
We did this once. I took pictures to post. Then I lost the pictures.

2. Take a road trip.

3. Perfect a summer salsa recipe.
not even attempted

4. Take a picture every hour for one full day
I don't remember making this goal.

5. Make a no-bake dessert
hmmm. not done.

6. No jeans week!!!
oops. i've worn jeans every day since school started.

7. Read 2 books (that aren't textbooks... since I'm in school for 6 weeks of the summer.)
i read an Anatomy and Physiology textbook. and that's what she wrote.

8. Finish learning Claire de Lune on the piano.

9. Frame some wedding pictures/pictures from SF that I have been wanting to hang (thanks to Clara for adding that to her list)
hmmm. i can't even find my wedding pictures right now.

10. Let Ryan take us out to Chinese.
OH! we went to Chinese when some friends came into town, but no pictures, so no proof.

So I guess my progress is sorta two of ten. At least I'm going far away in September to reflect on my poor performance on summer goals.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Goals #1: Road-Trippin'

I'm finally getting to those summer goals.

First completed goal: take a road trip (as long as 12 hours in the car driving as fast as possible alone blasting Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day counts...)

Road trippin' with my two favorite allies
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies
It's time to leave this town
It's time to steal away
Let's go get lost
Anywhere in the U.S.A.
- Red Hot Chili Peppers

9:30 AM:
Leaving the Outer Sunset in an overly-packed car.

If I ever turned around while driving, this was my view:
Be careful opening the back hatch! My entire life might fall out...

9:45 AM: Risk my life taking a picture of the SF skyline... Good bye, SF! I will miss you!

11:30 AM: First views of Mt. Shasta (look closely on the horizon)! (Note to reader: the following pictures are terrible for the obvious reasons that I took them on my iphone while driving. And there will be an increasing amount of bug junk on the windshield as the trip continues...)

12:30 AM: Getting closer to Shasta.

2:45 PM: Welcome to Oregon... and to endless driving frustration and irritation.... (and 3 hours of Green Day...)

2:45- 8:00: I HATE OREGON AND THEIR RIDICULOUS SPEED LIMITS.... (in case you can't see that, it does say 50 MPH. Kill me now. I also took NO pictures in oregon because of my road rage... it was all consuming...)
8:00 PM: Made it to Washington and crossed the Mighty Columbia. (If you look closely in the middle of the lane I'm driving in, you can see "Entering Washington.)
8:01 PM: My love for Washington is renewed (the sign says 70! YES!!!)
9:45 PM: Made it home. :)

A few lessons from taking a solitary road trip:

1. I have road rage. Especially in Oregon. When drivers are going 45 mph. In the passing lane.
2. It's hard to take pictures, drink coffee, and drive at the same time, which is why it is probably illegal.
3. I love the following song. I listened to it 8 times... in a row.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Goals

If you ever follow (or have tried to follow) this blog, you probably know that I hardly ever post. Kathy, a super duper creative friend, challenged a few bloggers from my church to post summer goals on their blogs. I don't know how my name ended up on there, but here is my list. Hopefully I can post about these in some sort of logical manner and it won't be a huge long post at the end of summer about how I didn't get anything accomplished!

Summer Goals:

1. Take nightly walks... which may morph into weekly walks. (Ryan and I used to walk alot, but having knee surgery sure changes things.)
2. Take a road trip. (Do I get extra points for taking TWO road trips?)
3. Perfect a summer salsa recipe.
4. Take a picture every hour for one full day
5. Make a no-bake dessert
6. No jeans week!!!
7. Read 2 books (that aren't textbooks... since I'm in school for 6 weeks of the summer.)
8. Finish learning Claire de Lune on the piano (a process I've started and restarted for about 5 years... but never have finished)
9. Frame some wedding pictures/pictures from SF that I have been wanting to hang (thanks to Clara for adding that to her list)
10. Let Ryan take us out to Chinese (his favorite... my least favorite.)

Monday, April 18, 2011

A few more pictures from The Knee Day

Leaving for surgery!

Just waking up... I look like death warmed over.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Out with the old...

And in the with the new... a new ACL, that is. Lots of excitement has been happening over here in Yokeland, but the most time-consuming project of late has not been Ryan's ten-page paper on international dispute resolution for law school, but my left knee adventures.

On the last weekend of February, Ryan and I, along with some friends from church, headed up to Tahoe for a weekend of skiing. The day was looking beautiful and sunny, the snow was AMAZING, and as I went off a ski jump, nothing looked better... except a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus when I crashed after that ski jump. (If you aren't up on your knee anatomy, click here... I convinced myself it was nothing, but after meeting with the orthopedic surgeon, and learning the extent of my injuries, I broke into ugly sobs, and immediately tried to figure out when a 4-6 week recovery from knee reconstruction would fit into my schedule.

I guess April 13th was the day. I was wheeled into the OR (although I don't remember a blessed thing) and woke up with a nice new ACL.

Well it's not that nice. While my pain level isn't bad (maybe a 1-2 on the pain scale), I've been frustrated to not be able to have more flexion and extension. I was able to get outside today (all trips to the grocery store should involve an electric wheelchair and a run down to the ocean to feel the breeze.)

Maybe I'll be dedicated enough to blog about this ACL journey...
but don't hold your breath.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Read this book!

I really enjoyed this book. You should read it.

book cover of  American Wife  by Curtis Sittenfeld

It is based loosely on the life of Laura Bush and it was extremely interesting. Back to prepping for fall. Yesterday I made an apple pie and it was delicious. Maybe the recipe to follow...

Also, while you are reading that book, listen to this:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm back...


We've moved. Again. Back to the best (west) coast. But before we moved, we did a few other things.

1. Ryan came home from his tour of the Ancient Middle East. There was much rejoicing.

2. Also on the Ryan's front, he got promoted. Now he goes by Captain.

3. We left Texas forever (maybe pictures to come of that. ) Good bye to heat, bugs, flat terrain, and the Army!

4. Vacation at home... full of lakes, water, and mountains!

5. Another member of my family joined the Army. Next time you need a small country invaded, don't bother calling the 101st Airborne Division. Just call us.

And we finally made it to California, with Ryan tucked away at law school, and me keeping the house moderately clean.
Now the blog will contain much more interesting things that rants about Texas heat and weather. We will see! :)